Our French team member (from Eure et Loire) is Frédéric. He and Jeanette are the owners and managers of www.Anomakit.com

Frederic is responsible for all translations with French as the target language and works with other team members including Marina and Jeanette to ensure your French translation is perfect. Having lived in various countries, Frederic has a working knowledge of Spanish, Catalan, Creole and Bulgarian and is bilingual English/French. He lived in the U.K. for several years.

French copywriting also falls within Fred’s domain of expertise (you can find several articles written by him here) and he is responsible for the writing/translation of all the major French pages on this website. Frederic is also the chief webmaster for the Anomakit website and is highly capable of translating text in PHP, html, INI or any other common (or not so common) format used in IT. He is also no stranger to javascript, joomla, css and cgi so if you need a website translation then Fred will surely be responsible for its successful completion.

If you need some French translation or copywriting work then you can contact us using our online form or use our free quotation tool to discover the estimated cost. If you just have a few words that you need professionally translated into French then you may be interested in our Free Translation Service (you can also find some useful phrases and greetings here in various languages), however for an urgent French translation (such as a blog post, email or small article) we suggest you use the Texpresso service.

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