Although Ueritom is Brazilian and Portuguese is his native language he is an Anglophone, fascinated by the structure of the English language (he even hosts a wordpress blog on the subject of English verbs and grammar).

He is therefore entirely suited to working as a Portuguese translator and has the feedback to prove it. His daily career is that of a teacher specialising in I.T. so if you need some articles written on this subject or some English to Portuguese translation work completed then Ueritom is the person you need. Find out more about him and read his English and Portuguese articles on Brazil and PTC (Paid to Click advertising) here.

For some urgent Portuguese translation work we suggest you use our Texpresso Service – perfect for those who need an urgent professional translation that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you need a short Portuguese translation of just a few words then Ueritom will be pleased to help, free of charge, when he has some free time. For large Portuguese copywriting and translation projects it is best to contact us to discuss details. Our free quote calculator will give you an estimate of the price for your project.

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