The Spanish translation of our website was a joint effort between several Spanish translators although Marina is currently our main Spanish translator and copywriter.

Marina mainly works on French/English to Spanish translation work although she does help Jeanette and Fred with non technical French/English translations. Having extensively studied languages at university level Marina is especially qualified for writing academic articles in English, French or Spanish.

Any translation assignment is verified after the initial translation by a corresponding member of the team to ensure accuracy in grammar, sentence structure and punctuation as well as a correct translation. Sometimes this verification can take a while hence the fact we do not say we are the fastest translators on the internet, we are among the best though as you can see from our verifiable testimonials here.

You can read more about Marina here or request some Spanish translation or copywriting work here. If you only have a few words to translate into Spanish then Marina will be happy to oblige you when she has time via our Free Translation Service although you may prefer our inexpensive Texpresso service for an urgent professional Spanish translation.

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