Here at Anomakit Language Services we feel that words of themselves are not enough, language was made to communicate; to explain, inform and pass a message or make a statement. We therefore feel it's important that you 'meet' our translators, writers and service providers and learn a little about them, their hobbies and their experience.

Jeanette is a lover of languages. An avid reader who enjoys the sound and effects of different languages and the ways they resemble or differentiate from each other. She is also an accomplished writer and ESL teacher, a lover of good food, animals and a keen gardener. Asked what her favourite type of work is Jeanette will reply; something challenging that teaches at the same time, using words to get a message across in a clear and concise but interesting manner. A keen supporter of the coffee industry she can often be found late at night in introverted isolation tapping away on her keyboard with a coffee cup and a cat to keep her company.

If you ask Fred what he enjoys doing he will probably say reading English books, watching French films and listening to Creole or Bulgarian music. A man of international tastes with a multi-cultural background, a great amateur cook, knowledgeable about construction methods and the hotel trade, he is a spirited debater and social mixer. Fred believes each language has its own merits and advantages and enjoys using them accordingly. He has a penchant for French cheeses and charcuterie, English real ale and marmite, Bulgarian pickles and Scotch single malt whisky.

Marina is from Spain. She studied a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication. At the age of 3, she discovered her fascination for foreign languages while watching Disney movies in English and French. Her lifelong passion has always been travelling, discovering new cultures and interacting with people of different nationalities, this is the main reason why she has studied and worked in different countries. She really loves the Asiatic culture, specially the "sushi" and the "sashimi", and wouldn’t mind living in China sometime. While translating, she always has a cup of Chinese tea by her side…she is a tea-aholic!

Bozhidar is from Bulgaria. He is a 20-year-old medical student at the Medical University in Sofia. Watching movies and reading everything connected to cars, engines etc. is something he really enjoys doing.
Driving has always been his lifelong passion and he can happily drive around the country for days with just some supplies and a good friend. As far as sports are concerned football is his passion, both to watch and play, but he has never had enough time to improve his skills in this sport.

Claudia is from Uruguay. Apart from her native Spanish she is proficient in English and Portuguese, which come in useful during her trips – both for pleasure and business – to the United States and Brazil. She started learning foreign languages when she attended a bilingual kindergarten and now uses them every day. She is passionate about movies, TV shows, and the Internet, and has taken lessons in multiple dance styles, from salsa to hip-hop. Apart from her work as a graphic designer, she also enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures.

Ueritom from Brazil, is a very inquisitive person. Passionate about computers and the internet, whenever he has any queries, he tries to find the answer himself before asking somebody. Due to this spirit, Ueritom is always learning new things either useful in his daily life or simply to indulge his thirst for knowledge. He is also passionate about his regular job; teaching people to use computers at both basic and advanced levels. Through his work he gets to meet new people and enjoys helping them to learn new skills. His hobbies include listening to music, browsing the internet and playing with his 4 year old son Juan who learns very fast and, not surprisingly, is already learning basic computer skills.

Victoria from China, is an Education Consultant turned Translator and Voiceover artist, who enjoys her spare time gardening and sketching as well as practicing aerobic dance and photography. She feels that 24 hours are definitely not enough to express her ideas in card craft. She is a great fan of K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) and drama, which encouraged her to learn her third foreign language. If you ask her philosophy on staying youthful and beautiful, she will welcome the opportunity to share her tips on a healthy life with you. She's also passionate about art but considers her skills as not good enough to be an artist. Victoria is highly enthusiastic about culture and languages which adds to her professional interest in translation and voiceovers.